Copper Distilleries and Futuristic Beer in Poland

Beer distillery in PolandThe Lech brewery near Poznan in Poland boasts a series of copper distilleries, which resemble an old school dramatic setting for the amazing beer.

The compound features five tasters, who are forbidden from smoking cigarettes, and sometimes receive a tasting training for over three years.

As someone who is not a craft beer connoisseur by any standards, my time in Europe was interspersed by finding out about the beers my friends liked to drink. As a result, I have now realized I do like wheat beers, but the preferences between hops and pils, and all that lies in between, ends right there.

Regardless, earlier today, I was just reminiscing about how unusual Poland was, welcoming and foreign at the same time.

IMG_3352Certainly, one of the best unexpected experiences was going to the brewery with my friend Jakub. We ended our tour by drinking a free Lech beer at their bar, and i loved the industrial pipes on their rooftops. The minimalistic slash futuristic chic was a great contrast to these copper chimney looking distilleries.

Poland presents extraordinary contrasts well worth investigating, and even though the shadows of the Holocaust will be in the nation long after most of us have finished roaming the planet, the fact that the country was a victim to Fascist ideals espoused by a nation that took them over, is important to remember. I personally preferred the lack of other travelers or tourists on Poland’s streets, but do understand why some may perceive this to be an issue, particularly if they are in the hospitality industry.


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