A Tale of the Most Extraordinary Ceilings in Southern Spain

GaudiOn an overnight train along the Costa Del Sol in order to get to Costa Brava, I encountered two girls, American students who were studying abroad in Spain for a semester. They were at the end of their travels, but even though they accompanied me to the train car, they were not keen on having a drink. I was a bit surprised, given the strong disreputable veer that most Americans of college going age seem to have among those local to major European cities.

As I listened to their stories of traveling through the Basque region, and the differences between the South of Spain, and the tip to look out for the frog (in Park Guell- which they did not even tell me, so affixed were they to the notion that such knowledge was easily gleaned once in motion).

I never found the from while I was in Parc Guell. Somehow, the hordes of tourists crowded to take photos of the building was too distracting to make such attempts, but what I discovered instead, was a continuation of the extraordinary legacy of Spanish brilliance in a landscape of the city’s architecture.

Spain left me feeling amazed by the reaches of grand expressions. The country’s buildings, certainly, had a thing or two to do with this assumption of mine.

One of the lasting memories that I have of my time in Spain has definitely been inspired by the treasures one finds when looking up in the country’s extraordinary architectural triumphs. From moorish muqarnas, which are elaborate honeycomb shaped arches cut out of marble in the Al Hambra in Granada , to gorgeous buildings made by Dali in the Calanian city of Barcelona, the most impressive aspect of encountering Spanish architecture is the pure scope and reach within the various genres that celebrate it.

What is exciting to witness, of course, is how tiles and mosaics can come into play when looking at these extraordinary buildings. Whatever your goal may be, Spanish artists delight with their fascinating palate of colors.

I was deeply disappointed in 2012, when my family and I were unable to make it to Salvador Dali’s house, as he remains one of my most favorite insane artists, especially with his details of his work but in retrospect, when I look through the myriad buildings and their innovative styles from the photographic trail I collected from my travels, I am mesmerized by the level of detail that is used by the work of Gaudi in his architecture, which was a true tribute to all the extraordinary sights that Spain has to offer.

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