The 10 Most Widely Read Articles on Wonder Sonder in 2014

DSC_0320One of the guilty pleasures of blogging is finding out what people like to read. 2014 was a wonderful year for Wonder Sonder. The website received hits from 167 countries worldwide, and we’re especially proud of the fact that our readers took the time to read some difficult content heavy pieces, while also paying homage to the light-hearted looks on how travel, monkeys, and love can change your life.

Here is what was most popular amongst all of you lovely readers this past year. If you missed it, this is your chance to catch up. 🙂

Cheers, thanks for reading, and happy new year! Hope each and every one of you get exactly what you need, even if you don’t get everything you may want.

Keep traveling, remain positive, and don’t forget to connect with those who seem like they may need a smile. Chances are, you may just learn something from them and that not all who wander are lost.

Without further ado, here’s what you enjoyed reading the most on this little website.

10 Things I Learned at (Bard) College Which I Couldn’t Have Possibly Picked Up Elsewhere

This article is an account of why the college experience is truly important. I went to a tiny liberal arts college called Bard, so it appears Bard specific, but most of these lessons can be applied to every higher education institution in the world.

101 Reasons Why You Have Not Truly Lived, Until You’ve Lived in NYC

Ever had a doubt about why you should visit New York? Here’s why you should move there, and not just visit.

160 Reasons Why India’s Woodstock School is Truly Exceptional

Boarding school in the middle of nowhere may sound like a surreal experience, but chances are, you’ll learn life lessons which will always stay with you

Why Dhaka Deserves to Be Called the Most Unlivable City in the World

If you’re moving to Dhaka, this article is a must read- it does not glamorize the pitfalls and the all-too-true realities of the Dhaka experience.

20 Ways to Survive Living in Dhaka While Loving Bangladesh

If after reading the last article, you’re moving to Dhaka anyway, this is how to survive the city, instead of it killing you.

76 Experiences You Can Only Have from Living in Chittagong

A tribute to the multicultural city of my youth, and reasons why anyone who visits Bangladesh needs to see this wonderful place.

The Italian Man and The Indian Woman: An Unusual Love Story

On a train between Austria and Italy, I encountered an old man who told me an unforgettable story about the love of his life. This one is for him.

Femen, Radical Unveiling, and American Apparel’s “Made in Bangladesh” Advertising Campaign

We’ve seen it, we’ve been disgusted by it, and this is why you should be wary of the supposed feminism that underlies this misogynistic and chauvinistic advertisement schema by American Apparel.

Why I Gave Up Dating Men Altogether

We’ve all had terrible dating experiences, but little is written about the links between the horrifying hookup culture that is pervasive to dating, and the detrimental mental health effects this can pose to those who succumb to serial dating. This article is a dissertation on how sometimes, you may just need to date yourself.

15 Fantastic Life Lessons from Dr. Seuss’s “Oh, The Places You Will Go”

On a childhood expedition to the library, Dr. Seuss taught me some lessons that I still cannot get out of my mind. Perhaps he will do so with you too. Embrace the limitless, and pay homage to you.


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