10 Fun Reasons to be Owned by A Cat

I have often felt that cats are the most incredible animals on the planet.IMG_0281

They are fun to watch, look regal, and provide unparalleled hours of entertainment, particularly because they refuse to entertain you, instead choosing to do their own thing.

One of the most amazing joys of the past few years is the birth of my cat Olie, who was born only a few days after I moved to Bangladesh in September 2012. As a cat lover from when I was a child, I had a tragic encounter with a dog eating up half of my cat’s legs when I was in sixth grade, and the little six month old siamese kitten ventured outdoors by mistake. 

Since that incident, I have found that it is incredibly difficult for me to keep a pet.

Regardless of my sentiments, however, it was clear that the fates had decided for a different role for animals into my life. Today I can unabashedly, and without any ceremony, allow bygones to be bygones and engage quite comfortably to being owned by a cat. 

Here are ten reasons why:

1. They are soft and cuddly

2. They have a mind of their own.

3. They don’t slobber, unlike some non-feline popular pets that shall remain unnamed.

4. They fit inside plant pots, and can go to sleep anywhere.

Cat in a Pot5. They look regal, whatever it is that they are doing.

6. The purring noises they make are some of the most relaxing parts of a daily routine.

7. They have figured out the perfect balance in life: eating followed by sunbathing.

8. They clean themselves, and take great care to make sure their fur remains soft.

9. They can take care of mice and rodents, leaving you with an (almost) clean house (except for the fact that they do like to share their prize with you).

10. They curl up against you when they go to sleep, which is perfect for a cold winter evening. 



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