Facing Discrimination Based on Stereotypes of Appearances of Intellectual Curiosity

Satisfaction is when you call out the sexist ideals that informed you recently being told you don’t “look like the kind” to think “heavy thoughts.” 12 years after a South African girl of Indian origin told me that she was shocked that I could debate the repercussions of Foucault’s panoptic with her given the way I dress, I managed to be accosted by such disgusting logic again late last week, and it’s left me feeling a bit unsettled, despite the gratification of putting the said miscreant in their place.DSC_0601

The next time you think the girls in your classrooms/workplaces have no brain cells just because they care about their appearance, just remember that it’s the worst insult you can give to an educated woman in the 21st century. You should take a good hard look at yourself for even being able to utter such narrow-minded filth.

Basically, when you do thus, you’re reinforcing the stereotype that if you’re even semi-intelligent, you shouldn’t care about your appearance, and if you are (choking here with exasperation) “decent looking,” you shouldn’t have intellectual curiosity.

What other bizarre causalities will we derive next, from the false correlations that some of us take given as facts? Why do such awful stereotypes continue to be pervasive about a woman’s intellect vis a vis her appearance? And nope, it’s not happening only in South Asia. The instances I speak of took place in the UK and the USA.

I’m proud to be a geek. Always will be, always have been. And if I don’t look geeky enough for you, then the problem lies with you, not me.

‪#‎misogynyatitsworst‬ ‪#‎chauvinisticpigalert‬ ‪#‎reversesexism‬


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