FREE FREE FREE! Limited time offer on Bangladeshi writer Raad Rahman’s Framed Butterflies

As a show of gratitude to you, my wonderfully loyal readers, I have made “Framed Butterflies” free for download on Amazon between October 14 and October 19, 2014, ONLY! 

It’s strange how much can change in 365 days. I started my birthday last year in a very special town called Krabi, in a vegetable festival with fireworks going off on the pier at midnight. I then spent the day of my birthday with some phenomenal people in Koh Phi Phi, watching the most spectacular sunset of my life thus far, over the Andaman Sea. It was all perfect… and then it unraveled.

It has been one insanely eventful year since then- backpacking through Siem Reap, getting a gigantic but thankfully benign cyst removed from my left breast, attending a training at Harvard geared towards emerging leaders, working with kids who have HIV, interviewing celebrities, quitting my gig with UNICEF and embracing the unfamiliar, falling in love to be left just falling, going back to Thailand for a soul searching trip, and finally exchanging Dhaka for London- which I am about to leave soon anyway for new adventures.

on the road to vegasIt’s been a rough year, a good year, a promising year, and mostly, it’s been a harrowing year where I learned about the frailty of human experiences, and the need to love deeply, even when you are in excruciating pain and utterly devastated by the Animal Farm logic all around you.

So I thank you again- for the messages, the greetings, the love, the hugs, and the coffee you have shared with me throughout this year. Particularly this year… because whether you knew it or not, you gave me the daily encouragement to fight a decade long battle I have been facing with self censorship on issues such as mental health, institutionalized brutality, child rights, and finding ways to see how creativity and travel helps to rejuvenate the soul’s worst nightmares of betrayal and loss.

This year, I finally felt brave enough to trust my voice and embark on a journey I was too afraid to take even ten years ago, when I had a lot more financial stability. It’s amazing how much taking risks allows you to think bigger and dream more acutely.

So thank you for being there with me. Your encouragement and good wishes fill me with more gratitude than I could ever express.


7 thoughts on “FREE FREE FREE! Limited time offer on Bangladeshi writer Raad Rahman’s Framed Butterflies

  1. It’s been an honour to travel with you over this last year and to read your writings – I look forward to more of the same to come. Book review coming soon by the way! Just waiting to see if an editor client wants it first and then I can publish it 🙂

    • Ken! I have been quite ill recently, but would love to chat with you now that I’m better, if you’d still like to pore into my thoughts. It would be very exciting if someone likes the review enough to accept it, and as always, I’m so happy to have such a wonderful following of great readers. The pleasure has been mine just as much, I can assure you this much!

      • Yes Raad I’d love to! PM me on Facebook or send me an email and we’ll set things up. My editor would be interested in a write up IF the book will be available on for America. Is that likely in the near future?

      • So it is…my editor couldn’t find it and neither could I, on but it does appear to be there now. Maybe it was a glitch. However, yes – will a print version be coming out? I believe you can do POD through can’t you? I can find better coverage for you if there is a print version…

      • For the moment, I am hoping to do a print version, but haven’t finished setting that bit up yet… It should be coming out in print early next year, but for now it’s just online 🙂 Thanks so much for this Ken, and chat to you at 11.30 Am tomorrow!

  2. *big hug*, Raad!
    I read your blog occasionally. Thanks for the gift. It’s on its way to my Kindle reader.
    May your days be filled with joy and love.

    And I hope we will meet again some day.


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