In Gaudi’s Playground

DSC_0001 One of Barcelona’s biggest appeals is the architecture of Antoni Gaudi, whose mark on the landscape of the city is unmistakable, diverse, and grandiose. Whether it is at the Casa Battlo, pictured above, or a fragmented detail of the mosaics on the rooftops of Palau Guell, pictured below, the diversity in using local tiles to create murals and play with form to create fluid asymmetrical masterpieces is one of the biggest drives in Gaudi’s artwork.

DSC_0173 Even though I did not see the insides of Sagrada Familia, I was able to walk around and see many of his other pieces during the visit to Spain. Of note were the arches in Casa Vicens.DSC_0103 In Parc Guell, the old manager’s hut also paid homage to some wonderful hues and shapes. The purple is particularly enjoyable.DSC_0585 One of the most fascinating aspects of Casa Battlo is the amount of detail paid by Gaudi in creating patterns and lights. It is perhaps one of the most astounding aspects of the artist’s work.DSC_0030 This is another detail of a window in Parc Guell. DSC_0580 Gaudi’s house was no different from his other works. Intricately detailed, even the lanterns provide a unique look into his world. The house itself is set in the middle of Parc Guell, and is easily accessible by foot. It provides unique arbors of the hill surrounding the artist’s house, and the muddy looking arches which serenade the path to his abode provide a cool shade in the afternoon shade.DSC_0531 The play with ceramics which underscores much of Gaudi’s work has the unmistakable effect of a beautiful rainbow. Found high on the walls in the vault-like expanse of the caves underneath Parc Guell, they are both elaborate and airy in their execution, rising at least 30 feet above all its viewers. DSC_0566 Parc Guell itself provides a scenic panorama of the city, particularly with the Hansel and Gretel-esque buildings at the forefront, the houses of the caretakers of Parc Guell, for which we have already seen some of the details and interiors.DSC_0483 This is me, at the entrance to the first Gaudi building that I saw on the trip. DSC_0285 … And  a shadow of the details of the wrought iron work in some of the mind blowing architecture. DSC_0284


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