Rockstar Dio Haque’s Fantastic Insights on Being Creative

I believe that every person is born with an ability for the arts. Some people search for it for their entire lives while some lucky ones identify their abilities early on. – Dio Haque

Every once in a while, we encounter artists who truly shape the landscapes that they are working in. Such an artist is Dio Haque, the drummer from Nemesis.

When you meet Dio, his tall and lanky build can be intimidating. I met him first at a friend’s house, almost ten years ago. At the time, Nemesis was just establishing itself on the underground arts scene in Bangladesh, but was yet to receive the wide mainstream acclaim that it gained through the group’s hit single Kobe” (translated as “When”), and for their soulful rock album, “Tritio Jatra.”

Having experienced Dio’s growth as an artist firsthand, it’s amazing to seeing the growing finesse in his craft over the years. As someone who has experienced his love of Harry Potter, and his capability of keeping a very low profile for a long time, this trait almost feels incompatible with the phenomenal noises he produces while jamming with Nemesis.

A few months ago, Dio and I conducted a pretty surreal interview over social media. He was in an auto-rickshaw stuck in Dhaka’s traffic, and answered several questions that I posed to him in record speed. The resulting interview is a wonderful testimony to emerging artists worldwide, and provides a succinct take on everything from Millennials to how to be creative, even when you think you don’t have an artistic bone in your body.

Every Bangladeshi and creative soul worldwide can learn from Dio’s short interview. Hope you enjoy it.


Photo courtesy Dio Haque

What made you interested in choosing your career path?

My career path chose me rather than the other way round. I believe that every person is born with an ability for the arts, some people search for it for their entire lives while some lucky ones identify their abilities early on. By arts i mean anything and everything. Its when we refer to someone as being a natural. Some people are just natural healers, some are born natural sportsmen, anything which comes as second nature to a person. In my case i was pretty much good at nothing before i learnt that i could play a beat on the drums at age 15, and it seemed like the most natural thing for me to do.

Do you think Millennials deserve the flack they receive in mainstream media for being indecisive in their career paths?

It might be an accurate representation of millennials that they are indecisive in their career paths but I don’t see why they should get flack for it. The times and circumstances that they have grown up in are unlike any other in human history. Never has any generation been exposed to so much information and spoilt with so many choices. And never has any generation absorbed and processed information this fast ever. Its no surprise that they are ‘indecisive’ because a. They are adept at doing several different things and b. They have to be given enough stimulation and satisfaction in one job if they are expected to stick to it.

What are some creative ways that anyone can improve their lives and the ways that they learn?

Creative ways to improve your life, well there are many ways. But the most easiest way probably would be to keep a clean conscience, and having a clear idea of the whys and whats of whatever you do. The most important way for any creative person to learn is through observation. Its through our senses that we internalize the world within us, and that is the source of true inspiration. The more we learn and observe, the more we are able to create.

Does the speed with which technology is growing create blockages in how education is disseminated?

I’m still in two minds regarding the connection between information and technology. On one hand, technology has made it easier to disseminate information. But because of that very fact, it has made the processing of that information difficult because of the availability of secondary or conflicting information. I dont think that there are particular blockages, rather that there can be over-saturation of information, and somewhere in there the actual message gets lost.

dio and me

The author with Dio Haque

How does this relate to the arts being taught? What do you think can be done to improve this?

Technology does have an effect on the arts being taught. The effects are too vast to put into just positive or negative. However given that technology or the information technology is the exclusive property of the monster we call ‘globalization’, its true that we are losing some of the oral traditions of the old world where information was protected and passed down from masters to students through generations (what we call the guru-shishsho porompora). We might be sacrificing the authenticity of information in exchange for the mere

What is the one thing about your own creativity that you have been afraid to ask yourself, which may lead to your growth?

That I haven’t explored enough things that I could be really good at. I haven’t explored the world. I haven’t imagined the possibilities. That’s because I have kind of settled in my comfort zone, I have settled into a way of life and career that I know ‘pays’. But the fear within is that maybe I’ll stagnate. After all, creativity can only have growth when we put ourselves out of the comfort zone.



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