An Exclusive New Novel from An Emerging Bengali Novelist

Friends, it is with great pride that I present my debut novel, “Framed Butterflies,” which was published earlier in August on a whim on

It’s surprisingly doing very well, despite the fact that I did not even hear back from Amazon about it going live at the beginning.

Most shocking was when I found it in the top 50 list in the Historical Asian fiction section earlier today!

Amazon screen shot

Framed Butterflies


A bit about the background: I haven’t even tried to publish this piece after it was endorsed by professors during my senior year in college, when I submitted it for my alma mater Bard, as my senior project.

The novel is purely fictitious, and follows the lives of two young girls at the throes of their adulthood, as their lives disperse and reunite in an unforgettable love story that spans two continents and several countries across a decade.

In the past three days since I found out that Amazon made the book live and began to market it on my social media, it is now NO. 45 on the list, which shares much more impressive authors such as Jhumpa Lahiri and Amy Tan.

… And all this derived from a whim publishing session of a novel that was once lauded to me by my professors. Even though they suggested that I send it out again, I never did.

Although it is dissimilar to the person and writer I am today, this novel describes relationships and friendships as understood by my 22 year old self.

It is available exclusively on, at a very reasonable price for $5.99. For now, it is available only online, but I hope you all enjoy it fresh off the press! 




2 thoughts on “An Exclusive New Novel from An Emerging Bengali Novelist

  1. COOL – Bengali writer! I can’t wait to read EVERYTHING on your blog! (I’m working on a 40 page paper now!) Looking forward to reading them!

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