The Girl Whose Passion for Sewing Saved Her Life

“After the hurricane hit our village and our house went under, my family and I moved to Banderban for two years.”

“Did you like being away from Khulna?”

“No, I miss it and all my friends. We didn’t have a school anymore because it had been washed away by the floods, and my parents thought that Banderban would be better. It’s also hillier, and we all agreed that we were better off there.”

“So why did you come back?”

“We all missed home too much. Growing up in a place that ties you to it. I missed home too much.”

“So did you go back to school when you came back?”

“No, I wasn’t able to, because the schools were still being rebuilt. And then I was considered too old to rejoin. But I have always loved to sew, so I bought myself a sewing machine and began to make my own clothes.”

“How did that go for you?”

“Soon people came to like the clothes I made, and I began to get many orders. Now I have a small shop and I plan to teach other girls how to sew as well.”

“Can you show me something you have sewn?”

“Yes, I made what I am wearing today.”

“How do you feel about child marriage?”

“I hate it.

(Dacope, Bangladesh)

Tailor Khulna

If you have not been following the portraits I have recounted about my field visit across Khulna during August 2013 investigating child protection issues for fundraising and communications purposes.

Photograph courtesy of Shafiqul Alam Kiron/UNICEF.


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