4 Fun Ways to Eat Minced Meat

Having a lot of minced meat on my hands, I recently made an array of four different types of dishes, all of which are quick and easy, and which made me realize how much fun it is to create a variety of different dishes.

Whoever said that home food needs to be boring clearly hasn’t spent enough time using garnish as the main contents of their dishes, I reckon.

Each of these four dishes took less than 20 minutes to prepare, with about 10 minutes preparation time. The total damage to meat was only about 500 grams, and I had four meals out of it. In other words: BLISS.

1. Cumin beef kebabs stuffed with smoked gouda, alongside a bed of jasmine rice, sauteed portobello mushrooms and jalapeno peppers on a bed of peppers.




2. Beef Pad Ka Pao with extra spicy bird’s eye chilli, served with basil, on a bed of camargue, basmati and wild rice.

Beef Pad Ka Pao




3.  Minced beef balls stuffed with jalapeno peppers, served with grilled olive bread.

4. Spaghetti bolognese with padano, basil and carrot.



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