The Explorer’s Manifesto of Found Philosophy

10372166_697127289496_3812156513948398797_nAt the end of last year, I was driven by a fit of energy, alongside some abandoned magazines, to create a series of found poetry.

One of the most fun aspects of letting myself go began in a journey taken to heart with collecting fragments of words that led up to poems and philosophies of being.

Found poetry, we all know, can be attributed to creating collages from things that we stumble upon. In this sense, the following pieces are no different, because they were borne of scraps that I collaged together during a very cold week in London, last December. These four explain the meanings of things that I enjoy attempting to understand, and showcases the importance of dreaming beyond the canvas.

1. What a Piece of Work is a Man?

What a Piece of Work is a Man


2. Don’t look now. Listen instead. 

98% of Human DNA is shared with chimps.



3. Words every explorer should live by.

The larger picture


4. Steal like an artist whilst paying homage to the greats who defined what it means to be on the road.



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