Ride Together to the Moon

We have all heard the prolific words by writer Jack Kerouac, whose techniques to induce writing, alongside his astute observations about his surroundings provide an ample lens into the landscape of his thoughts about change.

A few days ago, I found parts of this very quote from Kerouac unattributed in a magazine I was using to create collages in my new Moleskine, I was moved to change the order of words around, and add my own depth to the ellipses I envisioned in his words. Just the thrill of the craft project was enough to move me. After all, if Apple could use it almost verbatim, surely being able to steal like an artist means that I could perhaps do so too.

This resulted, after about an hour:
changing the world

It reads:

The people who



the world


the ones

who stand the test of time. Never mind Instagram,

the iPhone, or digital photography,

artistic freedom to lay out a whole page,

to think a heedless

plunge in total darkness can encircle

incomparable beauty is the

most delightful thing about history and heroes.

They are crazy enough

to ride together to the moon, sharing

the original fully realized love at first sight,

joined with the spice of life…

beautiful, they will never fade away.



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