Of Karma and a February Tulip

Karma in Holland

On a cold day in Amsterdam in early 2012, I walked around the dams, in between museum visits and hanging out with a Croatian mate who is currently settled in Dutch parts.

Whilst on my walk, I encountered this wonderful graffiti. It was February, too early for tulips, but there it was, a single real pink tulip, with a little girl watering the plant as the graffiti.

The juxtaposition of reality feeding the imagination, and the circle of life continuing through the meeting of these two cosmos was a fantastic reminder, of how we must embrace our feelings, emotions, and imagination, in order to see the fruition of our ideals and ideologies.

The rest of my day consisted of getting yelled at by a bicyclist for taking photos of other bicycles, but in this little moment, when I was lost somewhere between Dam Square and Anne Frank’s house, I came to see, in a full Banksy-esque style rendition, the meaning of beauty and hope.


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