Salvador Dalí’s Incredible Zodiac Sign Illustrations

Today marks the 110th birth anniversary of Salvador Dali, who was born on this day on May 11, 1904.

In order to commemorate the occasion of one of my favorite artists, being born, I wanted to share a series of 12 lithographs that Dalí painted in 1967, as a limited edition of 250.

Today these lithographs can be purchased in the rare, original folio, and has recently been put online by Wisconsin’s prestigious David Barnett Gallery, which offers the chance to buy one of these rare, individually signed lithographs.

The art encapsulates a gorgeous look into Dali’s little known and beautifully rendered illustrations, which will leave you breathless.

For the voracious Dali consumer, I suggest a look at my other article about  Dalí and Andy Warhol, which showcases how the two interacted.


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