Because No Two Beaches are the Same

Leamtong Bay

“You only go to mountains?” I have never heard of such a thing,” she said.  “How can someone not like beaches? I could never be with someone who doesn’t like beaches.”

“What is there to like? There’s just sand, which gets in your shoes, or can burn you if you go in the middle of the day.”

“You are kidding, right? What is there not to love about a beach. You can run into the water, have competitions to see who will go in last, you can come back and cool down on the beach, make sandcastles, feel the sand on you as you are buried in the sand.”

“Yes, but it’s about the water.”

“The sand leads to the water. It’s the periphery, it defines it.”

She stopped, clasped her hands, unclasped them quickly, and cleared her throat, bit her lips.

He laughed softly, “Wow, I wasn’t expecting such a response.”

“Have you never played in the sand dunes, or uncovered the network of roots the creepers of leaves that grow along the ground form? Have you not played with the pink leaves, or felt how they bristle in the winds? Or the reeds and grass flowers, looking for shells, finding phosphorescence wash up on the shores in the night.”

“All beaches are the same.”

“Wait, have you ever been to a beach outside of Central Europe? Sandy beaches are different from the pebbled beaches in Italy, or even the French Riviera. You guys only have St. Tropez.”

“Yes, you’re right. The French really don’t know what to do with a beach.”

“I didn’t say that! As if you guys know so much more. You don’t have a decent sandy beach until you get to Sicily on one end, and Barcelona on the other. Marseille is revolting, Monaco a joke, and Nice and Canne, oh too pebbly and filled with promenades, if you’re looking on the western side of the peninsula. The one thing all of you know is that you have sandy beaches, but no two beaches are the same. Some have hidden coves, others have long coastlines. Yet other, like those in Rishikesh, are formed along rivers. Some are turquoise and others which are deltas are muddy. No two beaches are ever the same. Even the trees along every beach is different. Some may have rocks, others hotels, and mountains jutting out. It’s such a terrible generalization.”

“Do you like being active on the beach?”

“Not necessarily, no frisbee competitions. Perhaps just sitting back and reading a book.”

“There’s a book, a children’s tale, that I would like to read to you the next time we are on the beach.”

“I like the thought of you being on the beach.”

“Excellent. I shall make sure that the beach has pebbles.”

“As long as we can go to a sandy one after that.”

“It seems we have ourselves a deal.”


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