98% of Human DNA is Shared with Chimps


One of the most common occurrences of modern daily life is the constant bombardment we humans face, of facts, listicles, photographs, inspirational posts, and art.

As we rummage through our favorite procrastinating sites, ranging from Buzzfeed to Facebook to Twitter and Salon via Slate and the Onion and back to our readings on Proust or poetry, we find that while we ponder about what the world is becoming now that Mark Zuckerberg has bought Whatsapp, there is always something out there, waiting to grab our attention.

I can’t help but be reminded of the fact that even though we humans seem to have made “progress” as far as technological outbreaks, we are still quite a long way away from taking significant steps to address why it is that we end up killing others, causing war, causing heartbreak and outrage and other despicable acts of terror.

I created these two images out of a desire to merge red and purple, sparks and light with water and movement- the symbols with the power. I am not entirely sure what emerged, but almost unidentifiably hidden in the message is the truism: 98% of human DNA is shared with chimps.

The reason for this is that lest we get too ahead of ourselves as humans, we always have a ready reminder that there is something bigger and better than us out there.


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