Four Things Every Explorer Should Remember

When a friend in NYC was throwing out a number of old National Geographic magazines in December, I found myself loathe to let them become fuel to the dumpster.

A month later, I found myself in London, exhausted from the winter’s travels along the east coast. Armed with a second friend’s alumni magazines and what she called “whimsical junk” that she has been collecting over the past few months, I was inspired by some of the contents, enough so to create several collages into my diary. What resulted was a frenzied week of avid “found poetry” which I scrapped together in my handy little Moleskine..

I finally have taken photos of some of the collage pieces. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it. All photograph copyrights belong to their perspective takers, and I own nothing, except for the words and overall multimedia image which emerges from this venture.

Somehow, the words began to form a manual for me to follow in my own quest for harmony, as I move through various forums of self expression.

Here are some of the truisms that emerged.

1. The best draw, make, write, create the future


2. Assume a friendship to peace.


3. Journey on islands.


4. Rise. Lay out the stories of the world.IMG_4605

What are you waiting for…? Also, don’t forget the bigger picture.

The larger picture


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