Between 365 and 366: A Wish for the Year Ahead


Between 365 and 366
Between everywhere and nowhere
Between rising and setting
Sitting and standing
Coffee and tea
Thyme and turmeric
Sauted and boiled
Roses and jacaranda
Purple and blue
Red and white
Pure and carcinogenic

Between franchises and gourmet
Silk and cotton
Satin and polyester
Caramel and vinegar
Salty water and mountain springs
Sandcastles and igloos
Soggy and crisp
Blizzards and humid eveningsIMG_0213
Folkore and fact
Forgiving and accepting

Between noire and satire
Smooth and raw
Tragedy and comedy
Fine and grainy
Solitude and crowdedness
Crowds and crows
Dusk and twilight
Stark and lush
Coarse and refined

Between green and brown
Budding to blooming
Fading to rising
Bitter to sweet

Between pleasant and exquisite

Between you and me

A smile


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