Why 2013 Totally Rocks!

2013, you have mesmerized, shocked, amazed, excited, and exceeded my expectations. There are many things that have made the year AWESOME. This year threatened to completely break me, but I turned out to defeat all that was holding me down, yay! 2014 will be pretty damn incredible, watch out world!

20131209-151000.jpgIn short, I started writing again, and this led to every bit of clarity I had hitherto been denying myself.

Lived in Bangladesh in election year, and went back to Bangladesh after a sixteen year hiatus.

Realized corruption is the war which must be most crucially attacked, because transparency is key.

Began a blog, which in its seventh month, receives approximately 100 daily hits (even when I post sporadically), and has almost 2500 subscribed followers!

Turned 30 in Krabi with epic fireworks, and started the new decade with the most gorgeous and memorable sunset I’ve possibly ever witnessed, in an island on the Andaman Sea.

Started working with the UN.

Was the ONLY South Asian female and only Bangladeshi passport holder to be invited to participate in a competitive fellowship in Harvard’s Executive Education programming through the Kennedy school.

Travelled all over Bangladesh documenting the strengths and weaknesses of humanitarian interventions regarding protection, nutrition, education, WASH, for children.

Had my articles published as the cover story on the global UNICEF website for the celebrations of the International Day of the Girl Child.

Two months later, it is still part of the global cover page and can be read here.

Received the most traffic on any UNICEF article published in Bangladesh for all of August.

Went to Angkor Wat! Bucket list- yeah, baby!

Conquered my fear of public speaking by delivering speeches to mass audiences of 200+ people in rural settings.

Became the first single Bangladeshi female I know socially, to have lived, worked, and travelled Dhaka’s streets without a car, whilst maintaining my own apartment  doing thus, as such things are completely unheard of.

Realized the limits of my tolerance for stupidity and corruption, and hence cut off some toxic relationships and minimized engaging in certain settings.

Solidified friendships with some awesome folks: Ara, Katie, Tom, Raf, Naaz,  Eeman et al.

Found out how important it is to trust my intellect- especially when I am being questioned.

Realized how valuable I am. Correction: realized how invaluable I am.

Wrote 80 pages towards a book.

Witnessed a bomb blast that made me realize how fragile reality truly is- and how important it is to remain focused.

20131209-150740.jpgWas held together by my family in my darkest and most miserable reverse culture shock hours- mom, dad, my siblings, my Shaks, and of course my two misfits in crime Neesa and Hadidd.

Reconnected with my besties after my two year NYC hiatus: Michelle, Ilaria, Kira, Michael, Elena, Eddy, Rohan, Robin- a big shout out to you guys.

Hosted by some gorgeous folks all across the northeast, and had some fantastic conversations whilst on the go about startups and semiotics.

Traveled to six countries, three continents, countless villages and cities, with inspiration around every corner, found direction, lost inhibitions, found beauty, found love in the unlikeliest of places, and felt desired and desirable whilst desiring avidly, the key to remaining a sexy monkey whilst continuing to move through the forest (a big shout out to my Harvard mates).

I began the year in India, and will end it in the UK, both times with some of those who have always mattered to me the most.

I started my countdown early, as I have found that the more I have done, the more needs to be done, and the movement marches on!

Thank you 2013, for giving me me.

Happy holidays, everyone!


5 thoughts on “Why 2013 Totally Rocks!

  1. What a wonderful year you’ve had – I’m really quite jealous! I also can’t believe we were so close (I’m in Dinajpur with you in Dhaka) and I didn’t meet up with you during one of my many visits to the capital. Alas, I’m only in Bangladesh for a few more weeks and then my family and I are back in the UK – ah, but so are you by then! 😉

    • Wow, I just realized you’re in Bangladesh by browsing through your post. It’s all a matter of perception, isn’t it? For the first few months of the year I was unemployed and floundering whilst writing along.

      Thanks very much for this message though- and I’m always happy to meet up. If you’d like, I’m in London until mid January, and can certainly get a cup of coffee. Brilliant observations, by the way. I am sorry for anyone having to be in Bangladesh at the moment. Terrible, I have been hearing about it from my parents and friends on the ground, daily…

  2. That may well be possible! We’re spending a few days in Cambridge which isn’t too far away and also popping over to Paris for a few days via London. No guarantee but I think it might be possible. If you do twitter then find me and send me a PM and we can swap email addresses and go from there.

    It IS hard being in Bangladesh with all the troubles (they very nearly executed Molla last night to add to all the ‘fun’) but it is still the country where my heart is and where I would prefer to stay…

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