Aerially Yours

Because aerial views are free from the bomb blasts, the multiple dead, the impending curfews, the inevitable corruption that will accompany the next 72 hours, the corruption that has been the last 42 years in a country the gods forgot about.995560_656311724216_809952742_n

Because aerial views hide that there were too many cars that were burnt on the highways yesterday, and because- well, just the arrogant assertion of “because I can! I can make the dirt and nasty piss filled streets seem so poetically abstract!”

… and because only abstraction can help retain sanity, while I think of cocktails and reminisce about a time when the only association was a good drink and not an explosive.

A picture from the sky for you readers, because the experience on the ground defies logical thought and articulations deplete of all but expletives.

A picture, of a space where words are no longer expressive of the daily horrors and terrors, but hope exists in all the pilfering and the filtering.

To Bangladesh, with all my love.


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