Circumstantial Exchanges: A Conversation Amongst Strangers Sharing a Day in Railay Beach

While walking to a boat that serves various roadside delicacies, or in this case three men and women alternating to take orders, thoughts end with divine dreams and are interrupted by grandiose jutting rocks.

Greetings are exchanged. Isn’t it amazing how much more relaxed people are when they are on vacation?

“What do you do?”

“Where are you from?”

“Did you go the thermal ponds you get to by hiking out in the wilderness, up the hill and very far away from probing tourists?”

“Darling, don’t you hate having to make small conversations for a while?”

“Wow, I’ve never met anyone like you.”


“Yes a motorbike is best but I wouldn’t want to drive ten kilometers alone.”

“Yes, I know, I was worried they wouldn’t rent me one because I forgot my driver’s license.”

“Did you see all those lingums?”

“Yes, so barbaric, this hedonism, but so honest too, don’t you think?”

“Oh don’t you just love how we had to walk in on pebbles and those cute monkeys, the stalactite at east eastern ends of the islands”

“When you pirouetted underneath the rocks, it was beautiful.”

“Here, have some mint. The sugar rush compliments this sunset. Oh, I am so glad you decided to come.”

The sun sets quietly as the boat zooms back to Krabi, to jungle noodles snigger from locals at the wild near nudity of the foreigners, half naked and sure to come out seeking beer after midnight to the 711, and toasted sandwiches and nuts, and what have you, knowing full well that if they got caught with their bloodshot eyes, a 200 dollar fine would ensue.

But other than the emo outbursts everyone was excited to have met each other, as they prepared stable videos all along the dinner lines andwatched the Thais participate in a vegetable festival celebration that took to the streets with fireworks and aplomb.

Oh, it was so gorgeous to be on vacation.


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