20/20 Vision and the Best Doctor’s Diagnosis, EVER

During a recent eye doctor’s visit last month, I received validation on what my real allergies are:


Dhaka (Photo credit: eGuide Travel)

Me: I’ve suddenly become allergic to my contact lenses. Every time I land in Dhaka and try putting them on, my eyes get red and swollen, and the contacts keep falling out.
Doc: I don’t think it’s your contacts that you’re allergic to. It’s the crappy water and the high levels of pollution in Dhaka’s air.
Me: What does this mean?
Doc: I think you’re allergic to Dhaka.
Me (startled into silence for a minute and then): I KNEW IT!
Mom (who was also startled out of her silence): Are you serious?

A pair of contact lenses, positioned with the ...

A pair of contact lenses.

Doc: Of course. I’ve been seeing your daughter every time she comes home for a visit, and she never exhibits these eye issues until she goes off to Dhaka for anything longer than two days.

He said it, not me.

Now onto figuring out how to live with this allergy, but I can’t say that I am not deriving humongous amounts of satisfaction from the said diagnosis.


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