On Love

When you are a loving, caring, attractive person who realizes you possess these qualities, you tend to project these traits in your daily encounters, and assume that those you devote your energy to are like you, because for you the world is a loving, caring and attractive place.

ImageYet we rarely see beyond our own vantage point. We may never realize that not everyone deserves to be loved, or that true apathy and evil can and really do exist.

Most people will never realize what a precious gift it is to love someone, and how much more precious it is, to be loved. A beggar suspects all others of begging; a thief, all others of theft.

Fools who talk of compatibility forget that it’s never about convenience, but working at something, every day. Yes, we project ourselves all the time. Our passions, our insecurities, our disappointments.

It is only those of us who have realized the true value of being loved, who have learnt to balance fears with resolute positive actions, and who find their worlds are beautiful, who are able to love others.

We can never find peace or love, if we begin our journey by looking for it in others, but have none of it ourselves.


4 thoughts on “On Love

  1. We do reflect each other, so how can we change? I think it is by opening our hearts to love and holding to it no matter what.

    • I have to agree with you regarding this- It is definitely difficult not to reflect those who hurt us, and diffusing tension, but walking away, knowing when to stop is just as important as being open to the possibility of loving someone without bringing our prior hangups in the picture, I reckon, is just as crucial. What do you think?

  2. You can walk away and still love someone and you can also love someone without bringing in hangups from previous relationships, but it is difficult. I was thinking more in terms of platonic love for our fellow human beings rather than romantic love, although the principles can be applied to both.

  3. WIth platonic love, we must focus on the right energy, and be careful about the way we approach people we meet on the streets, or we may attract someone or something that we may regret. 😉

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