The Cost of Neutrality

Tibet Flag

Tibet Flag

What happens when you start ignoring someone or something based on a situation where only one voice has been heard? You inherently endorse silence, and complacence, at the cost, and at the risk, of subverting truth, of exposure to a fair analysis, and of heightened transparency. There are two sides to every tale, and a million ways to interpret a situation. Without giving someone a chance to speak, to explain, or a way to defend themselves, or by making them feel they have wronged through flinging accusations without merit, is akin to endorsing that you’re not neutral in your diplomatic efforts, you’re in all actuality endorsing the same bad behaviour that you claim to dislike.

Yes, it happens when we turn a blind eye on Tibet, it happens with Israel and Palestine daily. History is written at the hands of those who are in power, and at the hands of those who inadvertently support this power by turning a blind eye to abominations. On a nuclear level, each and every single one of us, regardless of our affiliations and supposed diplomacy, showcase that we are truly incapable of neutrality every single time we pretend we are oblivious, because forced obliviousness is akin to sustained corruption, unfairness, and continuing legacies of violations and silence.


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